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Parental Safeguarding

It’s not always easy to keep track of what your children are doing online. But every parent needs to be aware of the risks posed by the internet, which can be a platform for those seeking to sexually exploit children, as well as influencing their minds. The same tools should apply for safeguarding your child. There are simple steps you can take;

1. Have a discussion with your children about what they are doing online, what Apps and programmes they use. Emphasise the importance of caution in what they are sharing and who they are friends with. Help them understand the importance of applying critical thinking to news and opinions they see online; not everything they read will be true, and not everyone they talk to will be honest about their identity.

2. Consider setting up your own social media profiles, for example on Twitter or Facebook, and be friends with/follow your children.

3. Be aware of who your children are friends with on Facebook and who they follow on Twitter. According to Ofcom, a worrying 1 in 3 12-15 year olds may be in contact with people they don’t know via their social networking sites.

4. Keep up to date with what they post, and what others are posting on their walls. Use your instinct if something appears inappropriate or out of character.

5. Many parents have voiced their concerns about the sheer amount of extremist and graphic content which is readily available online from a simple search. If you are worried that your child may have seen something troubling, you can check their internet history- it is fairly easy to see what pages they have visited using their desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

6. You can also turn on the parental safety features that most online platforms offer, which can filter out or block harmful material. Find out how to do this here

7.If you see something that worries you-– talk to your child.

Please take a look at the below fact sheets for parents/carers

Links to Key E-safety websites

E-Safety or Internet Safety is something we take very seriously at Ralph Butterfield Primary School. We are fully committed to supporting both pupils and parents on ways to keep safe online and fully investigate any matters of concern.

The internet and technology develops and changes constantly at a rapid rate. For some parents it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with what is happening on the internet, latest technologies on the market or how your child's latest phone, gadget or games console works.

Therefore by working in partnership with parents and the local community, we can provide guidelines and helpful links to websites that will enable everyone to be more aware of the risks the Internet can pose.

Below are links to parental control guidance videos for Internet providers BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media.

"Thank you for all the hard work you all put in, our daughter settled into the school really well and we know that’s down to you all."