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The children at Ralph Butterfield Primary School are provided with an ambitious Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) curriculum which allows them to thrive as individuals, learners, family members, friends and members of society.

At Ralph Butterfield Primary School, we promote children’s knowledge, self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience, and help them to form and maintain positive relationships. Children are taught to have respect for themselves, and for others, within our local, national and global communities.

Our PSHE curriculum is coherently sequenced to develop knowledge and understanding, age appropriately and progressively. Overarching themes of ‘relationships’, ‘living in the wider world’ and ‘health and wellbeing’ are broken down into smaller steps that support children:

· to have positive and safe relationships with friends and family, respecting themselves and others

· to make positive contributions to society, enjoy belonging to a community, have media literacy and digital resilience and good economic wellbeing

· to have good physical and mental health, a supportive understanding of growing and changing and to know how to keep safe

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the Department for Education’s statutory Relationships and Health Education (RSE) guidance, including the guidance for teaching age-appropriate sex education.

We support children to have strength of character through providing opportunities that require decision making, informed risk taking, good communication, and opportunities to practice self-regulation strategies (including a whole school approach to Zones of Regulation). We encourage the exploration of, and respect for, values held by different cultures and groups within our local and wider communities, and promote the celebration of, and positive attitudes towards, diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage honesty, integrity and respect in all relationships, and nurture sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. We enable children to develop a deepening knowledge of their health and wellbeing, including their mental and physical health.

At Ralph Butterfield Primary School, we set the foundations for preparing children to succeed on their journey into adult life, ensuring they are ready for each new stage of their primary education and in their transition to secondary school. We support children to develop fully as emotionally mature human beings who can embrace the joys of life and resiliently manage its challenges.


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How our school values are embedded in PSCHE



Children will be inclusive and develop empathy to enable them to play, and work alongside others. Children will show regard for others’ feelings and the views they hold even if they are different to their own. Children will show tolerance and respect towards all.




Children will set themselves ambitious goals and show determination to achieve them. Children will show ambition, and overcome challenges, through the demonstration of a growth mindset.





Children will show determination and commitment to the aspirational goals they are striving to achieve. Children will develop a positive sense of themselves.





Children will understand the concept of integrity and demonstrate it in their everyday lives. Children will show integrity by being truthful, trustworthy and reliable.




What this looks like for children at Ralph Butterfield Primary School


The ethos of Ralph Butterfield Primary School, including its three key expectations of be safe, be ready, be respectful, provides the foundations upon which the PSHE curriculum is built. Underpinning all teaching and learning, and daily interactions at Ralph Butterfield Primary School are the school values of ambition, determination, respect and integrity alongside the Fundamental British Values. At the forefront of our daily teaching is the embedding of these values to promote kindness, respect and to celebrate difference. Children are taught the protected characteristics within the curriculum, in assemblies and throughout daily interactions as appropriate.  In these ways, children develop exemplary learning behaviours within an environment that is safe and secure. This, alongside the intent of our PSHE curriculum, ensures children are highly effectively learning how to have healthy relationships, to be safe and to grow into resilient and kind young people who can contribute well to society.

PSHE lessons are taught using a wide variety of strategies to engage and motivate the children and ensure that learning is highly memorable; this is vital as PSHE includes such crucial messages, including around contextual and personal safeguarding. Strategies used include role play, scenarios to discuss, story boards, photographs as a stimulus, inviting relevant visitors into school and debate. Debate is especially important as it promotes meaningful discussion and children need to actually apply their ability to be tolerant and respectful, as they engage with differing viewpoints. In all aspects of PSHE, we give children as much opportunity as possible to put their learning into practice within school and beyond.

"I am so proud my child attends this school."