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“Every child is an artist” Pablo Picasso

Art speaks to everyone. Art is unique and highly inclusive in that it can overcome barriers to learning that can impact upon other subjects within the curriculum. There is no language, faith, religion, disability or belief that can limit a person’s ability and desire to access and appreciate art. Art’s diversity is something to be celebrated and that is something we strive for at Ralph Butterfield Primary School. No two pieces of work in a classroom should ever be the same.

Our curriculum for Art & Design is more than merely lessons and objectives. We have worked hard to design it around a fully immersive experience in which, over the course of their time with us, children understand, develop and create using as many diverse mediums and methods as possible.

We passionately believe that the teaching of Art & Design should be a creative process, in which children have the opportunity to experiment and take risks with their work. For us, the focus is not on the final outcome of a piece of work but upon the creative journey that leads to the piece(s) being created. Through this process, children develop a deeper substantive knowledge of how to create art and their confidence can blossom as they gain their own identity as young artists. Ofsted recognises that work, which may look pleasing at first glance, can often disguise poor learning outcomes. Our approach at Ralph Butterfield intends to create confident, independent artists who can articulate and value their own creative journeys.

Children at Ralph Butterfield Primary School will:

· develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space, developing and sharing their ideas, experiences and imagination through drawing, painting, printing and sculpture.

· demonstrate their love of art and design and the development of their abilities through the use of detailed sketchbooks.

· have the opportunity to record from first-hand experience and from imagination.

· develop opportunities to select their own ideas for use in their work.         

· retain knowledge that is pertinent to Art and Design with a real life context.

· be able to question ideas and reflect on knowledge.

· be able to articulate their understanding of artistic concepts and be able to discuss art and design using rich language linked to the elements of art and principles of design.

· achieve age related expectations in Art and Design at each end point.


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 How our school values are embedded in art & design



When giving feedback, children are constructive and respectful of others’ feelings and viewpoints. Children work collaboratively on projects, having respect for their peers’ views and being receptive to the advice of others. Children take responsibility for their artwork, as well as how they feedback to others about their artwork during the evaluation process.




Children are given a wide range of experiences and opportunities to explore themselves as artists. Teachers are ambitious with their outcomes for each pupil. All children will access and thrive in their artistic development at Ralph Butterfield.



Children demonstrate resilience when challenged by an unfamiliar technique or medium. Every child will immerse themselves in each artistic opportunity and grow. Progress is unique and clearly evident in every pupil’s sketchbook.




Children debate and evaluate with kindness and consideration. Children support one another and genuinely want the best outcome for their peers.



What this looks like for children at Ralph Butterfield Primary School

Our children are exposed to all genres and mediums of art over the course of their time with us. In each form of art, children are taught the substantial knowledge that is fundamentally necessary and then given countless platforms through cross curricular opportunities to apply their disciplinary knowledge. Children leave us as confident artists, equipped with all they need to enhance their talents and fully explore their creative ability.

Each opportunity of Art & Design at Ralph Butterfield Primary School is ambitious. There is a desire that each child gets ‘lost’ in their creativity and in the process. This is ambitious as we appreciate this is not always an easy thing for every child. Children can develop inhibition and insecurity on their journey through childhood and we feel that it is our responsibility to support children in truly feeling the subject and expressing themselves creatively, with determination to achieve well.

We insist on a high level of respect in art: when learning about the history of art and when appraising each other’s work, it is imperative that all opinions are valid and heard. Children are taught to use their integrity when appraising and learning. Art is beautiful as there are no right or wrong answers – we want

art to liberate our children so that they feel confident to share opinions and debate what they see and feel. Art & Design cannot be measured just by what may appear on a child’s page but also by their debates and opinions. A child’s reaction following review of a piece of art, or their experience of using a medium for the first time, can highlight how they have engaged with the subject and so all these aspects contribute towards any Art & Design assessments made at Ralph Butterfield Primary School.




"Thank you for all the hard work you all put in, our daughter settled into the school really well and we know that’s down to you all."