Our Vision

Vision for Ralph Butterfield Primary School

Releasing the Magic in our Whole School Community

Our shared vision is Ralph Butterfield Primary School as an environment in which learning is irresistible:

  • A school where every member of the community has the passion and innate drive to be their best self, with positive relationships and a culture of care and wellbeing at its heart.
  • A school with an ambitious and engaging curriculum, where children’s learning is cohesive and builds progressively, within each year and across all years, enabling children to know more and remember more.
  • A school where safety, positive relationships and high quality teaching ensures all learners are effectively supported to access the curriculum, make excellent progress and attain as highly as possible.
  • A school that is inclusive and welcoming, actively promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion, with individual needs and potential appropriately supported for all. 
  • A school where children are equipped with the knowledge, cultural capital and resilience needed for a positive sense of wellbeing and ability to cope and succeed, in each stage of education and in later life.
  • A school where parent/carer and community engagement is high-profile; families feel welcomed, well informed, supported and involved in their children’s education and development. School and home work together proactively, within a culture of openness and transparency.
  • A school that is outward facing, values all feedback from the community and beyond and is rigorously self-reflective in order to continuously improve.


"I have felt safe in the knowledge that all is being done at school to keep my children and others safe so thank you very much - as a parent that is all you can ask for."