Reception Entry (September)

At Ralph Butterfield Primary School, we understand that starting school is a very exciting time for your child, and also for you. We also recognise that alongside this, you will have many questions, and even perhaps some concerns, around what starting school will look like for your child. We value building positive working relationships with our new starter parents/carers from the outset, to ensure that transition into our school is as smooth and worry free as possible.  

Our school has the most wonderful staff who are completely committed to ensuring that your child is safe, happy and feels well supported; we equally care that our parents/carers feel well supported also, at this important milestone in your child’s life.

Staff take pride in getting to know each child individually, really well, and take the time to understand interests and character, so that the children can be best supported to enjoy their learning in addition to achieving well.

Specific needs where there are any, be they around emotions or ability, are identified early with bespoke plans put in place to meet these needs. This is always in consultation with parents/carers.

At all times, communication with parents/carers is clear and proactive, and we operate an open door policy. You will always find it easy to access the information and support that you need, from caring and supportive staff.

From the moment your child is allocated a place at our school, we will be in touch with useful information and as September draws closer, you and your child will be invited to attend transition visits. You will also be welcome to get in touch with us at any time, via email or a telephone call, with any questions or chat to anything through.


How to Apply for a Place at Ralph Butterfield Primary School

Each year the Local Authority (LA) provides places in schools for children in the City of York. The LA have put together a guide to explain how they can help you through the school admissions process, what you need to do in order to apply for your child's place and, in turn, the actions that they then take. You can access the guide below. 


The national application deadline is 15th January 2024 and you can access the 'Parent Portal' via the following link.

Parent Portal

Please click here to view the York LA Admissions Policy

Please click here to view the school's Admissions Policy

Please click here to view RB Kids Club (provider of before and after school care)


"Thank you all so much for trying to make this strange year as normal and as happy as possible for the children in your school."