Wellbeing Ambassadors

At Ralph Butterfield Primary School, we have an ethos in which every child’s wellbeing is at the forefront of our daily practice.  

Wellbeing ambassadors offer vital peer-to-peer support to all children, promoting conversations about how to be mentally healthy and have a positive sense of wellbeing.

The wellbeing ambassadors achieve this by listening, communicating, being supportive and sharing wellbeing strategies to help peers.

Children across our school benefit from the work the wellbeing ambassadors do because they help develop positive relationships, create an increased sense of belonging and increase confidence and resilience by improving wellbeing.

The wellbeing ambassadors are coached by Matt Messias (external wellbeing coach) and Miss Hodgson (Class Teacher and PSHE Leader) in how to approach helping the children and to support them in deciding the best way to help.


"As a family, we have enjoyed becoming part of the RB school community. Thank you"