Upper Key Stage 2 (Class 9, 10 & 11)

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2

Click below to learn more to support transition into Class 9, Class 10 and Class 11 through our social story.

Social Story

  • Class 9 (Year 5) - Mr Tod
  • Class 10 (Year 5 & 6) - Mrs Fitzpatrick & Mrs Stephenson
  • Class 11 (Year 6) - Mr Bennett

Support staff

  • Miss Gibson
  • Mr Gallagher
  • Mr Keaney
  • Mrs Barker

Should you need to contact any member of the UKS2 team, please email the school via RalphButterfield.School@york.gov.uk or speak to one of us at the start/end of the school day in order to arrange a convenient time.

Expectations in Year 5 and Year 6

As the children are now in Upper Key Stage 2, it is very important for them to set a great example to the younger children in the school.  They should exemplify the school's values and be the best they can be!

Information for Summer Term 2024

THE BIG QUESTION – Are we really that different?

This question is linked to the British Value ‘Tolerance of those with different faiths’ and is a whole school initiative.



Our overall study unit title is ‘Sustainable Earth'. This will include:

  • Geography - Sustainability and Fairtrade.

  • Science - Investigations.

  • Computing - Coding.

  • PSHE - Health and Wellbeing; Physical health and mental wellbeing; Growing and changing.

  • PE - REAL PE (jumping, landing and balance) & Striking and fielding

  • French - Notre monde (The world around us)

  • Music - Production

  • Art - Artists and Portraits

Your child will also have daily reading, writing and maths lessons.


 To bring each day

· Water bottle – please remember to label this with your child’s name.

· A waterproof hooded jacket as we do still go outside at playtimes in light rain.


To leave in school throughout the week

· Art shirt

· PE kit


P.E days

Class 9 - Tuesday and Wednesday 

Class 10 - Tuesday and Friday

Class 11 - Tuesday and Friday

Your child will need their Indoor and Outdoor kit in school at all times as our timetable is intended to be flexible. Plimsolls are required for indoor PE lessons and trainers must be worn for outdoor lessons. Please note that children are not permitted to wear football boots with studs in PE lessons.

  • Outdoor Kit - black shorts, white t-shirt, black tracksuit, trainers (plus a carrier bag for these for when they are muddy) and spare socks.

  • Indoor Kit - black shorts, white t-shirt, plimsolls, (+ socks for girls wearing tights – tights are not appropriate for PE or games)

Earrings - earrings must be removed or taped over. Please bring the tape if they cannot be removed.

Hair - all children with hair longer than shoulder length should have it tied back during PE and when using the fixed play equipment.

Fixed Play Equipment - Part of the safety requirements for using our new play area is that children wear suitable footwear which is securely attached to their feet; plimsolls and any style of slip-on shoes are not suitable. It is therefore additionally important that children have a pair of trainers in school (as for PE), as these can also be used in the play area if needed.

Please ensure all belongings have your child’s name on them.



Usually homework will be given to your child on a Friday, to be returned on the following Wednesday. The homework will be two tasks, one of which will be maths. Year 5 and 6 children are expected to spend 45 minutes on each task (but no more). The standard of homework should reflect your child’s ability and they should complete it independently.



It is really important that your child reads regularly at home. This may include reading aloud to an adult together with discussion of the text. Ideally, this would be daily but as a minimum we would suggest 10 – 15 minutes three or four times a week. Your child will have 2 reading books that they bring to school and take home each day. One book will be their school age – related reading book and the second, a book of their choice from our reading for pleasure selection of books.


Reading for Pleasure

As a school, we love to read and wish to impart this love of reading to our students. Each week, children in each class can choose their own reading for pleasure book. This book can be read at home, shared with family and friends but above all, is for you all to enjoy!



Your child will bring home at least one weekly spelling list to learn that works with the 'spelling rule' being taught at that time; it is an understanding of the rules that underpins successful spelling rather than the learning of words by rote (that can then be easily forgotten). The children will also be expected to regularly revisit the spellings on the Year 5/6 word list. Your child will regularly be assessed on (each set of words) how their understanding of spelling is progressing and what they can remember.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of us if you have any questions/concerns or if you would like further information about any of the above.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mr Bennett (Class 11), Mrs Fitzpatrick & Mrs Stephenson (Class 10) and Mr Tod (Class 9)


Typical Weekly Timetable

Please be aware that this is an example of a Year 5/6 weekly timetable and therefore the timetabling of each lesson will differ between each class. The days for PE lessons are as detailed above. 


"I have felt safe in the knowledge that all is being done at school to keep my children and others safe so thank you very much - as a parent that is all you can ask for."