Our Vision

Vision for Ralph Butterfield Primary School

Releasing the Magic in our Children
Releasing the Magic in our Staff
Releasing the Magic in our Community 

Our Ralph Butterfield School shared vision is to release the magic in everyone in our school community.

Children will experience an improved curriculum offer in which each individual is provided with the specific conditions they need in order to develop a love of learning, grow, achieve and be ready for the next stage of their education. This is a curriculum that is exciting, inspirational and full of memorable experiences that instill a love of all subjects.

Learning environments, inside and outside, are motivational, engaging and interactive, inspiring creativity.

Children are happy, positive and resilient.

Parent and community engagement is positive, high-profile and an embedded part of the school’s culture.

Staff, parents and governors are enthused with a real passion for the ethos, culture and vision of the school.

High standards of progress and attainment are maintained and improved as a result of this exciting curriculum and positive, happy learning environment.  

"Ralph Butterfield Primary truly is a very special school and we feel so lucky that it is our school."