Our Values

Releasing the magic in our Ralph Butterfield Primary School Community

At Ralph Butterfield Primary School, we aim to support children's academic and personal development, so that every individual is well prepared for each new stage in their learning, becoming the best that they can be and able to enjoy life as a good citizen. Our motto encourages children to ‘Imagine, Believe, Strive and Achieve’ so that they become self-confident learners with positive self-esteem, working towards goals that bring them joy. We want our children to be curious, asking questions and being enthusiastic in their learning, discovering new talents and skills and being inspired as to what the world has to offer. We want our children to have a deep respect and understanding for other people, ensuring equality and celebrating diversity.

We are passionate about our whole community working together and supporting each other, releasing the magic in everyone. We believe positive relationships between all stakeholders are vital for children to be most successful and we work proactively with parents/carers from the outset, with an ‘open door’ that encourages daily interactions with us.

We support our children to develop and work with the values of:

  • Respect

  • Kindness

  • Honesty

  • Creativity

  • Resilience

We also encourage everyone in our community, to work together with the same core values. Kindness and respect enable positive friendships and working relationships, with honesty ensuring an open and transparent culture. Within this, everyone can enjoy creativity, be themselves, and help to support each other to develop resilience and overcome barriers with a problem-solving approach. This is the culture and ethos developed in recent years, that we strive to live in our school, also supported by our restorative practices (see restorative values page) and British Values work (see British Values page). In this way, we aim for our children to leave our school:

  • Well prepared for enjoying their next steps in learning and set up well for their future life

  • As independent, resilient people who have the strategies to cope well with personal and academic challenges, including taking personal responsibility

  • With enthusiasm for, and interest in, a wide range of subjects and the world around them, including aspirations for themselves

  • With good manners

  • With respect and understanding for everyone in our diverse world and an ability to work well with others

  • As happy and confident individuals with a self-belief and a positive attitude

We hope that throughout our website you will find the information helpful in further explaining our philosophy of teaching and learning and how we strive to inspire children to have a thirst for knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning new skills, alongside supporting them with their personal development.


"A brilliant school that couldn’t do much more"