Welcome to Ralph Butterfield Primary School

Ralph Butterfield Primary School is situated in the town of Haxby on the outskirts of York. The school was named after the late Dr Ralph Butterfield, a local man and Chairman of the old North Riding Education Committee who became Pro-Chancellor of the University of York.

At Ralph Butterfield Primary School we all work together for the benefit of the children. Every individual works towards the continued improvement and development of the school in order to provide the best possible all round education for the children entrusted to us. We aim to give children the best possible start to their educational career. We provide a warm, secure and stimulating environment. Children feel valued and respected and in turn are taught to value and respect themselves and others.

School Hours

0855 - 1520 (KS1 and Reception)

0855 - 1525 (KS2)

Message from the Headteacher

Our school prides itself on the outstanding level of care it shows for each individual child. We are also very proud of the high academic standards which our pupils have achieved over many years. We encourage children to care for other s and show high standards of behaviour; we are pleased to say that is what is usually displayed from our pupils.

Through focused and high quality teaching, children make rapid progress and respond to the very high expectations we have of them. We track children’s progress rigorously and expect all staff to have high expectations of all pupils. Our highly skilled SENCO works alongside teachers to ensure well focused and effective support for the children who are finding learning more challenging. We have a number of children who perform extremely highly and expect that they will be catered for in every year group so that they make very good progress with their learning. In the last three years we have worked hard to ensure children make very good progress with the core skills from when they enter the school in Reception throughout every year group until they leave in Year 6. This means that we can ensure a wider curriculum for all pupils. We have focused on improving sporting and music opportunities for children, with every child learning to play the recorder in Year 2 and every child learning to play flute or clarinet in year 4 during curriculum time. We have also increased the number of educational visits both from and to the school.

I was appointed Headteacher in April 2005, having previously been Deputy Head here for 10 years and a class teacher here since 1990. I think the school is a fantastic place to be; a place where we work hard but have fun too. Our school enjoys an excellent reputation and together with governors, staff, children and parents we look forward to making the school’s future great too.

Mrs A R Mitchell




School Motto

Parent Quotations 

As a school, we have agreed the following:



Over the 7 years that a child is at our school, he or she will develop the following qualities to prepare them for being successful in the world they will live in:

  1. Be emotionally competent and resilient, fully prepared to be good citizens of the world with a positive sense of self worth
  2. Be able to express their ideas and emotions creatively through all subjects. Develop independent thinking skills and take responsibility for their progress and learning
  3. Learn in a suitable, stimulating and safe environment
  4. Be respectful and show understanding and tolerance of a range of beliefs and cultures
  5. Leave Ralph Butterfield having attained the highest possible standards

Some comments from Parents of our outgoing Year 6 pupils on annual report return forms July 2017:













School Notifications